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3 Steps to Unforgettable Sex

Deep connections between partners, filled with trust, respect, and gratitude, are the highest form of yoga. And within this realm, there is a special area that requires separate attention – sexual relationships. How can you elevate them to a new level and enhance the level of pleasure within them?

Here are some simple yoga practices and principles that don't require deep philosophical knowledge or the ability to perform complex asanas (poses). However, let's be clear: you still have to work with the body.

1. Breathe.

Before moving on to specific actions, dedicate at least five minutes to a joint meditation: sit facing each other or back to back and breathe. Your goal is to synchronize your breath so that you inhale and exhale simultaneously. Once this goal is achieved, continue breathing, but have one partner breathe only through the right nostril and the other partner through the left nostril (you can close the opposite nostrils with your thumb). This will create a harmonious polarity, activating the solar energy in one partner and the lunar energy in the other.

2. Perform abdominal massage.

Most of a woman's tension and fears are stored in her abdomen. It is this tension (often unconscious) that blocks the functioning of most receptors and mediators, preventing not only the enjoyment of the process but also the experience of sexual arousal in general.

3. Train your stamina.

This is not a one-night task but requires continuous effort and self-work. To truly experience unique sensations, you need to be willing to climb heights you've never reached before. And as you understand, any uphill climb requires strength and endurance. In yoga, there are specific exercises that train the body in a unique way. For example, this practice from Kundalini Yoga.

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